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In the beginning, on January 2002, La Cascada , first opened doors in City of Logan Ohio as a business of Mexican Restaurant; The founders Martinez brothers of the now recognized La Cascada ( water fall) our goals was to surpass all expectations with the supports of its Family. Today after performing a great job of operations and administration, with a great concept of the product, offering excellent service to the clients. in a pleasant and clean atmosphere with employees motivated and proud of what they do, it would archive the already successful formula the defines.
La Cascada Mexican  Restaurants.
       La Cascada operates and owns four localities  with a professional enterprise the specializes on traditional Mexican Food and other dishes that are served with Mexican style . La Cascada Menu including sizzling fajitas, hand made tamale, enchiladas, burritos, chimichangas, steaks, soups, and tacos (soft or hard tortilla)  as well a traditional Mexican  combinations platters. Salad and soups are also available for both Lunch and dinner ; are dinner  menu are available all day. La Cascada offers  a wide selection of upscale margaritas in additions to complete list of beers and mixed drinks, and also offers take out. and a such  manners are able to say our experience makes the difference.


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